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The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook

SUMMER SPECIAL!! Cookbook – The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook –

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The Auckland Seafood School’s second cookbook is now on sale.  Packed with more than 250 tried-and-true recipes, covering everything from everyday meals to special events, this is the only seafood cookbook you’ll ever  need.

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The Auckland Seafood School’s second cookbook is now on sale, showcasing 250+ cooking school recipes for you to enjoy.  Kiwis love seafood – be it salmon, snapper, mussels, scallops or blue cod, there is nothing quite like enjoying succulent fresh fish or shellfish cooked at home.  As well as a collection of delicious recipes, The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook is also your go-to book for all things seafood with advice on:

  • Catching, handling, purchasing and storing fish
  • Preparing fish at home, including scaling, gutting, filleting, boning and skinning as well as cleaning and preparing shellfish
  • As well as 250+ delicious recipes we  have included 6 basic fish recipes – baking, steaming, poaching, frying, smoking and BBQ.
  • How to choose the ideal seafood option for a meal using the visual identification guide.

From smoked fish pie and whitebait fritters to fish burgers, gumbo and paella.  The book will also take you on a journey of flavours from around the world – all matched with our delicious, fresh and seasonal New Zealand Seafood.

Available to purchase from Auckland Seafood School – Level 1 at the Auckland Fish Market (22 Jellicoe Street, Freemans Bay) or purchase online for delivery.