“Shepherd’s Salad” with Moroccan Spiced Fish, Crisp Lavash and Lemon Dressing

Chef Marco Edwardes from Te Whau Vineyard on Waiheke created a delicious, light salad recipe to match the bold Moroccan spiced tuna in his Seasonal Seafood meets Farmers Market class in February.  The citrus dressing adds a burst of freshness to complete the dish.

Chef:  Marco Edwardes.  Serves:  4.

400gm Tuna or kingfish fillets
2 baby cos lettuce, outer leaves removed, cut into 6 wedges
160gm radish, cleaned and quartered
1 green and 1 red capsicum, cut into small squares
1 Lebanese cucumber, sliced
1 small red onion (or ½ large), thinly sliced
1 punnet cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters
20ml lemon juice
Flaky Sea Salt
New York cut pepper
2 tsp Moroccan Spice blend
50gm Sea Salt Lavash
60ml Extra Virgin olive oil
¼ cup each of dill, mint and Italian parsley


1. For the salad: place cos, radish, green and red capsicum, Lebanese cucumber, red onion and tomato in a bowl. Drizzle with lemon juice and season with flaky sea salt and black pepper.
2. To cook the fish: pre heat a medium size fry pan add olive oil. Season the tuna with salt and pepper and Moroccan spice mix.
3. Place fish in the pan and sear for approximately 3 minutes on all sides. The fish should still be rare in the centre. Remove from pan and slice.
4. Arrange salad on a serving plate and top with the seared fish and herbs. Drizzle with olive oil and scatter with lavash to add some crunch.

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