Herb crusted seasonal fish fillets with citrus glaze

Chef John Campbell creates a light panko or polenta herbed crumb coating for your fish fillet which is then drizzled with syrupy lemon to create a delicious crunchy coated citrus mouthful.  Perfect for any time of the day and a great option for most fish species on hand.  Sitting on a crispy fried kumara/potato cake and served with fresh seasonal leaves – you just can’t go wrong for a perfect meal.

Chef:  John Campbell.  Serves:  4

50ml Lupi Extra Virgin Olive oil
720gm seasonal white fish eg: hapuku or snapper
30gm savoury herbs eg. thyme, oregano, parsley, sage, chopped and mixed together
50gm fine polenta or panko crumbs (optional for a crunchy crust)
80gm butter
1 lemon
Splash of white wine
Salt and pepper
1 garlic clove
Ciabatta bread – sliced on a diagonal
Mesclun salad mix

For the kumara potato cake:

200gm kumara red
300gm potato agria
1 tbsp chives, chopped
Salt and pepper
Flour, for dusting
Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Cook the kumara and potatoes in boiling water with their skins on until only just cooked. Remove and cool.
2. Peel the skin of the potato and grate. Grate the kumara with the skin on.
3. Combine grated potato and kumara in a bowl and add the chives and season.
4. Using a measure ie: a cup, a ladle, or a small ramekin, fill with the potato/kumara mix and place on a board with a little flour. Using a palette knife or a fish slice pat the cake and shape into a neat cylinder similar in size to an ice hockey puck.
5. Pre heat the BBQ hot plate or a pan to a medium heat, add a little oil and cook the cakes on both sides to an even brown colour. Remove and keep warm.

To prepare and cook the fish:

1. Cut the fish into even sized portions. Mix the chopped herbs with the polenta or panko crumbs and pat on both sides of the fish.
2. Heat a large sauté pan with the olive oil.
3. Add the fish carefully, seal and brown for about 3 minutes.
4. Turn over the fish add a third of the butter and continue to cook for approximately another 3 minutes (dependent on the thickness of the fish).
5. Add the remaining butter to a separate pan, squeeze in the lemon juice, add a splash of wine and reduce on a medium heat until a syrup-like consistency.
6. Brush the sliced bread with garlic and olive oil and grill until golden.
7. Place the potato cake on the plate, top with the fish and drizzle with the lemon sauce. Serve with a dressed green salad and grilled ciabatta.

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