BBQ Smoked Mussels with honey butter

Auckland Seafood School regularly publishes a beautiful cook book incorporating some of the most divine seafood recipes from professional chefs around New Zealand.
This mussel recipe is ideal for impressing your friends at a dinner party, or a relaxed Friday BBQ

The barbecue is so versatile when it comes to smoking seafood – and mussels are no exception.

serves 4

Chef: Mark Dronjak

1 cup wood chips

24 fresh mussels

2 lemons, cut into wedges

Honey butter

100 g soft butter

1 clove garlic, crushed

40 g honey

1 tbsp savoury herbs, chopped

1. Preheat the barbecue to medium with hood closed.

2. Place all ingredients for honey butter in a bowl and mix to a paste.

3. Place wood chips in an old sauté pan with a metal handle (or no handle) and place on an element or gas hob. Heat wood chips until smoking.

4. Place the mussels on the hot barbecue grate then add the smoking chips to the barbecue. Close barbecue hood and smoke the mussels for 3-4 minutes until mussels open. Discard any mussels that do not open.

5. When mussels have opened, brush or paste the butter mixture into the open mussels. The honey butter will melt into the mussels, complementing the delicious smokey flavour.

6. To serve, place mussels on a large platter garnished with lemon wedges. They are great with crusty white bread and a green salad.

Seafood Recipe - BBQ Smoked Mussels with Honey Butter

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  1. largelyhappy says:

    I’m getting conflicting information about smoking mussels. Lightly cook them first and then smole but the times vary from you 3-4 minutes above to 1 -2 hours! So many recommend this longer time but mussels are delicate, can it teally be the case they need so long? Thank you