Seafood Recipes

A perfect combination of textures and flavours to showcase freshly smoked salmon.  Serve as an entree or showcase as the main meal. Serves:  4 (entree)  Chef:  Paulie Hooton 300gm smoked salmon, top end 1 Cos lettuce, washed 200gm bacon streaky, chopped 100gm parmesan 4 eggs ¼ loaf ciabatta 1 clove garlic, peeled and sliced 100gm […]

Whipped salmon is a great addition to any antipasto platter and a great match with Chardonnay.  Serve with crostini. Serves:  6 (entree) Chef:  Paulie Hooton Ingredients 300gm Smoked salmon (end piece), check for bones 250gm Crème fraiche 20gm fresh thyme, picked leaf only 1 lemon, zested and juiced Salt and white pepper to season Method […]

Fish skewers are a great summer BBQ recipe – quick to prepare, can be matched with a variety of flavours plus your choice of (firm fleshed) fish such as Hapuku, Salmon, Kingfish, Monkfish, Gurnard, Rubyfish or Swordfish. Serves: 4.  Chef:  John Campbell 600gm market fresh firm fish (can use 2 different types) Bamboo skewers, pre-soaked […]

Fresh fish is cured (cooked) in citrus and finished with coconut cream.  Great with snapper, tarakihi, trevally or kingfish.  Ask your fishmonger to remove skin from the fillets.  A great versatile dish – try adding diced red capsicum or slightly more adventurous fresh diced mango or seedless grapes.  Serving option:  lettuce cup (cos, gem or […]

Chef Steve Roberts shared this fabulous paua recipe in his recent ‘Stunning NZ Seafood’ class at the Seafood School.  You can purchase minced paua at the Auckland Fish Market (if no snorkellers in the family….) Makes:  12 fritters (approx.)  Chef:  Steve Roberts Fritter batter base mix 3 large eggs ⅓ cup self-raising flour 2 tbsp […]

A flavoursome way to use any fresh white fish you have available. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Petra New 150gm fresh market fish eg: gurnard, terakihi 200gm prawn meat 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2cm ginger, grated 2 tbsp chives, chopped 2 tbsp coriander stalk, chopped 1 tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp Kikkoman soy sauce 24 Gyoza wrappers […]

Scallops take only a couple of minutes to sear on a medium heat before they are ready to eat.  Match with crispy haloumi, fresh salsa and micro leaves for a seasonal refreshing lunch or light dinner. Chef:  Mark Dronjak  Serves:  4.  Photo:  Jason Burgess 16 scallops, roe on Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200gm haloumi […]

Use any blend of seafood available to create a delicious medley of flavours. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Mark Dronjak 500gm fresh mussels 250gm market fresh firm fish eg: hapuku, monk, bluenose, ling – skinned & boned 12 whole raw prawns (3 p/p) 750ml fish stock or chicken stock (to cook the pasta and sauce) 1kg ripe […]

New Zealand mussels are perfectly matched with Mediterranean flavours.  Fresh crunchy bread completes the meal. Serves:  4.  Chef:  John Campbell 2 dozen mussels, cleaned 2 tbsp Lupi Extra Virgin olive oil 1 medium red onion, diced 3 cloves garlic, peeled & diced 300ml white wine 2 large tomatoes, seeded and chopped (or use tinned) 30gm […]

Extra chilli in the sauce will add a kick to this fish & squid recipe.  Matched with garlic, palm sugar, fresh turmeric, fish sauce & mint and a crunch from the nuts & vegetables. Serves:  4.  Chef:  John Campbell 60gm squid per person, cleaned 100gm firm white fish per person, skin off 300gm green beans, […]