Seafood Recipes

Italian style mussels that are incredibly quick to prepare. Serves:  4.  Chef:  John Campbell. 1kg medium-sized mussels 100ml water or white wine 50gm butter 50ml olive oil 2 tbsp fresh parsley, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 100gm parmesan, finely grated 1. Preheat grill. 2. Wash and […]

Caramelised palm sugar balanced with fish sauce, chilli and spring onion creates a rich sauce to coat fish fillets in Chef Colin Doyle’s Vietnamese recipe.  Use a firm fleshed fish like bluenose, hapuku or monkfish as they will handle the bold flavours. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Colin Doyle For the caramel 1 disc light palm sugar […]

A blend of flavours matched with fresh Snapper fillets from Chef Marco Edwardes’ Asian Fusion cooking class. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Marco Edwardes 480gm snapper fillets, skin on 20gm butter Pinch of sugar Seeds of ½ vanilla bean ½ large leek, washed and cut into fine julienne 1 tsp long pepper 1 tsp curry powder Lupi […]

Chef Steve Roberts brings the flavours of Thailand into this quick and flavoursome patty recipe. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Steve Roberts 100gm white fish fillet, skinned & boned 300gm raw prawn meat 1 tsp Kikkoman light soy sauce 1 tsp oyster sauce 1½ tsp red curry paste 2-3 kaffir lime leaves, finely diced 50gm green beans, […]

Freshly made piri piri sauce and grilled citrus add a spicy citrus kick to the prawn skewers. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Steve Roberts 24 prawn cutlets 3 chorizo sausages, cut into 24 rounds Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for brushing 12 skewers, soaked in water 2 lemons, cut in half Piri piri sauce 1 clove garlic, […]

Chef Steve Roberts created something special for his recent Valentines Day cooking class. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Steve Roberts 1 small or ½ large cauliflower, chopped 250ml cream 700ml Foundation Foods chicken stock 20gm butter Salt and pepper, for seasoning 4 x 180gm snapper fillets, skin on, bone out 4 whole scampi Lupi Extra Virgin Olive […]

A little something special…. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Marco Edwardes 4 x 120gm Salmon, skin on 4 scampi tails, de-veined and shell removed (1 per person) 20gm butter ½ large or 1 small leek, sliced and washed Lupi Extra Virgin Olive oil Salt and pepper Lemon potato, recipe below Vanilla Beurre Blanc, recipe below Method: 1. […]

Chef Marco Edwardes from Te Whau Vineyards shares the perfect BBQ fish recipe served with a summer salad. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Marco Edwardes 4 x 160gm snapper fillets (or other fresh white fish fillets), skin on 1 tsp smoked paprika Salt and pepper 3 tbsp Lupi Extra Virgin olive oil 1 lemon, quartered for garnish […]

Chef, foodwriter, judge and advisor Ray McVinnie shared this home smoked salmon and seasonal salad recipe with us.  Perfect for summer brunch, lunch or evening. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Ray McVinnie Salmon 4 tbsp brown sugar 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp flaky sea salt 600gm fresh salmon fillet, skin on 1 handful natural […]

NZ summer time diving means crayfish….this recipe utilises the crayfish bodies to create an unctuous full flavoured sauce to serve with the fresh catch. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Mark Dronjak 2 whole crayfish shells/bodies, broken and cut into manageable pieces Oil 1 litre fresh fish stock 4 x 150gm market fresh fish fillets, skinned and boned […]