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Simple & fresh flavours done well. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Marco Edwardes. 480gm Snapper fillets (or other fresh seasonal fish fillets), skin on 360gm jersey benne or new season potatoes, washed 120ml Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard 2 tbsp red wine vinegar Zest and juice of 1 lemon Salt and pepper 20gm […]

Chef Steve Roberts shared this light and refreshing fish recipe in his recent cooking class at the Seafood School.  Why not try making your own mayonnaise – you will love the difference plus once you master the base you can add so many different flavours each time you make another batch.  Why not try other […]

Citrus, chilli, sesame, fish sauce and palm sugar add vibrant flavours to your fish fillets.  Served with sticky white rice to soak up all the delicious juices. Serves:  4.  Chef:  John Campbell 4 x 170gm market fresh white fish eg: Snapper or Tarakihi fillets, skin on 2 tbsp sesame oil ½ red onion, diced 100ml […]

Chef Petra New created this light and refreshing marinated fish recipe in her ‘Street Food’ class at the Seafood School.  You can use any type of firm white fish available. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Petra New 500gm fresh tuna fillets, bite size dice (or any other firm white fish) 200ml lemon juice ½ red onion, fine […]

Bursting with the flavours of the Mediterranean….matched with beautiful fresh NZ Snapper. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Marco Edwardes 4 x 160gm Snapper fillets, skin on – bone out 50gm butter 2 tbsp Lupi Extra Virgin Olive oil 1 tsp sweet paprika 2 spring onions, finely sliced ½ fresh chilli, sliced Salt and Pepper Bean Cassoulet 100gm […]

Add a little ‘spice’ to your fish with this Mexican inspired dish cooked in banana leaves. Serves:  4.  Chef:  Colin Doyle 4 x 150gm fillets market fish (snapper, terakihi, gurnard) 3cm piece galangal (available from Asian stores), or use dried 3cm piece turmeric (available from Asian stores), or use dried 3cm piece ginger 3 cloves […]

This vibrant looking dish is matched by the incredible flavours.  We have made extra roasted red pepper dressing for you to keep in the fridge and use alongside your favourite steak or chicken. SERVES:  4 | CHEF:  MARK DRONJAK 600gm Market fresh seasonal fish fillet Lupi Extra Virgin Olive oil Salt and cracked pepper 1 […]

A rustic family favourite based on fresh tastes and textures. Nothing better than fresh brussel sprouts, crispy chickpeas and a fresh tomato salsa. Looks great, tastes better. Chef:  Mark Dronjak.  Serves:  4. 500gm brussel sprouts, cleaned, trimmed and sliced in small wedges Lupi Extra Virgin Olive oil 50gm butter 4 x 130gm -150gm market fresh […]

From Chef Steve Robert’s recent Saturday Italian Luncheon Cooking Class.  The class finished with a slice of freshly made panforte and espresso coffee. Chef:  Steve Roberts.  Serves:  4. 4 x 150gm snapper fillets, skin on & bone out Salt and pepper for seasoning 1 recipe of Sicilian cantata, as below 50gm mixed micro leaves Caponata […]

A freshly made creamy mayonnaise with the zing of preserved lemon, the salty crunch of a pancetta wafer served with crispy skinned snapper and a light julienne salad.  An amazing flavour combination from Chef Steve Roberts. Chef:  Steve Roberts.  Serves: 4. 4 x 150gm snapper fillets, skin on & bone out Salt and pepper for […]

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