Jamie Johnston



Jamie hails from Kent in the United Kingdom. Also known as “The garden of England”, known for it’s great produce. Jamie moved to Aotearoa 10 years ago and fell in love with the people, lifestyle, amazing produce and kai moana. Jamie has 20 years cooking under his belt. His first job was at Buckingham palace during his culinary school days. Since then he has worked with some of NZ’s big guns. These include Michael Van Der Elzen way back in the days of Molten, for the great Sue Fleischl of the Great Catering company, Al Brown and Kyle Street at famed kiwi eatery Depot, and Michael Meredith of Eat my lunch. From working with these culinary legends, he went onto to become the “Sauce boss” and co founder of award winning sustainable¬†food truck Judge Bao, specializing in kiwi/Chinese cuisine. Nowadays Jamie is the Head Chef at Everybody eats.

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IG: @saucebossnz