Mark Dronjak



Specialties relating to my food style and style of cooking
- Freestyle
- Mediterranean
- Full of flavour
- Eclectic
- Varied….every meal is different
- Trends
- Challenged
- Communal – to share

Mark has 30 years experience in hospitality as a chef with a freestyle approach to cooking. A devotee of the great seafood New Zealand has to offer his passionate teaching styles allows  Mark to focus on the very best of seasonal produce combining flavour, texture, presentation and encouraging a visual appeal through presentation techniques. His classes are a lot of fun, well-liked and guests always come away incredibly inspired. Mark’s enthusiasm for flavour and presentation is key and he loves the interaction with guests attending his classes.

One of Mark’s many career highlights was hosting a talkback radio show in Australia. The show titled “Fine food down under” was interactive and often live from the kitchen. It was run in conjunction with weekly newspaper editorials of the same name.

Mark has also been published in many newspapers and numerous magazines, Gourmet Traveller, Australian Fare and Condé Nast, Koru and foodtown and is a passionate recipe writer. Mark is also one of the contributing chefs in the highly acclaimed and famous New Zealand Seafood cookbook

Mark is not far from the kitchen and his passion in creating great artisan products with a fantastic range soon to be released. He is currently working on his second cook book and has great recipes and reviews on his web site