Colin Doyle



Mexican flavours
Cajun spices
Italian and Mediterranean influences
Light and fresh Japanese cuisine

Cooking has always been a passion for self-taught Australian cook Colin Doyle. When he arrived in New Zealand from the United States nine years ago, having just completed a PhD in X-ray Spectroscopy, he decided that he should pursue culinary as well as academic endeavours, and a teaching role at Auckland Seafood School has allowed him to progress from kitchen assistant to teaching chef.

Colin’s time in California has left him with a passion for many cuisines, with Mexican, Cajun, Italian and Japanese being amongst his favourites.

During the day, Colin works part-time in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department at The University of Auckland. The combination of passionate cook and scientist gives Colin the ability to go beyond the ‘what’ in cooking and to explain ‘why’ things are done the way they are.