Cezar Takahashi



Before becoming a chef I joined my father, who would sell the fish to several Japanese restaurants around Sao Paulo, working as a seafood supplier.  For that, I worked for 6 years and by my early 20’s I started to be completely amazed by the food and techniques that I was seeing from the Japanese Sushi chefs I’ve met! That’s when everything started and I decided to join the Culinary Arts School.

After graduating, I started my journey in professional kitchens working for hotels and after 5 years I decided to specialize in Japanese food. After 10 years of experience, I finally got to make a lifetime dream come true had and work with a proper Japanese chef learning the techniques, detail orientation and unique style that only experienced Japanese chefs have. That’s when I met Yukio Ozeki (Azabu’s executive chef) and here I am grateful and humbled!