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Check out the fresh Ruby Fish on display downstairs at Seafood Central @ the Auckland Fish Market.  At only $8.95/kg with FREE filleting – you can’t go past this for your Monday fish dish.  With a firm fillet texture that holds it’s shape when cooked, Ruby Fish is perfect to use in any recipe that […]

Kahawai are found around the NZ coast and are often sighted close to shore, frequently schooling by size.  They are migratory along the coast.  Kahawai spawn on the seabed, 60 to 100 metres deep, in late summer.  The main fishing grounds are around the North Island, in Cook Strait and north of Kaikoura in the […]

Ling is an eel-like fish with a large head.  Orange-pink markings above form irregular bar-like markings and blotches on the paler white that spreads up from the underbelly.  This gives the fish a mottled appearance.  The skin is thick and smooth with fine scales.  Ling are found at depths between 300 and 500 metres.  They […]

Monkfish is not the prettiest looking fish but the flavour when cooked is delicious.  A succulent, pearly white, firm flesh fish with low oil content Monkfish can handle stronger flavours, marinates, curries and casseroles. The skin is mottled olive green/brown above and white below with an elongated and flattened body and a prominent bony head […]

Alfonsino have a brilliant red upper body with sides a lighter shade of red tinged with silver.  They have a fairly slender body, large eyes and a deeply forked tail.   Alfonsino inhabit deep offshore reefs.  They are found around the North Island and the northern part of the South Island over rough ground or […]

Kingfish seem to be jumping out of the water at us at the moment – SO much fun going fishing these past few weeks.  New Zealand Kingfish are part of a group of kingfish found around the Southern Hemisphere, and belong to the Carangidae family (trevallies, kingfishes).  They are widely distributed around the North Island […]

Hapuku (also known as Groper) are found around New Zealand and the Chatham Islands and on the Chatham Rise.  Some inhabit reefs a few metres below the surface;  others live at depths of up to 400 metres.  Hapuku rarely swim alone and are sometimes found in schools or 30 or more.  They migrate but are […]

Did you know?  Scallops use a form of jet propulsion to swim. They snap their shells shut to make water shoot out at the hinge, moving the shellfish in jerky jumps across the seabed. Scallops are a fan shaped bivalve shell with deep ridges that radiate from the hinge. Colours are variable, including brown, orange, […]

Interesting Fact:  ‘Right-eyed’ flounders have an eye on each side of their head when they’re larvae. As they grow their left eye shifts to the right side of their head and the body’s left side becomes their flat underside. ‘Left-eyed’ flounders go vice versa. Flounder are a shallow-water fish found at depths of up to 50 […]

Leatherjacket are small fish usually sold headed, gutted and skinned (then also know as cream fish).  They are common in rocky or weedy areas near the shore throughout coastal New Zealand.  They initially feed on small crustaceans, but adult fish also eat sponges, sea squirts, and barnacles, which they scrape off the rocks with their […]