Blog Category:  Cooking Tips

Chef Mark Dronjak from Auckland Seafood School shows you how to cook NZ clams in a light citrus and cream sauce.  Fresh clams are available alongside NZ Greenshell mussels and pipis (weather permitting) downstairs at Seafood Central.

Chef Petra New shares her tips and techniques on how to grill a Kingfish steak on the BBQ.  Seafood Central at the Auckland Fish Market has a variety of fish steak species available to purchase or purchase a whole fish (amazing value) and ask the fishmonger to cut into steaks for you while you wait […]

Chef Petra New will show you the ultimate way to tell when fish is fresh and what to look for when you purchase fish.  Today Petra has a whole gurnard supplied by Seafood Central at the Auckland Fish Market.  They have an amazing display of whole fish to choose and purchase and are more than […]

Chef Mark Dronjak, one of the talented Auckland Seafood School chefs will show you have to gut and clean a whole gurnard and then cook in the oven with some delicious flavours.  Seafood Central at the Auckland Fish Market provided us with the whole gurnard – check out their whole fish section where you can […]

Check out this video from John Campbell showing you how to fillet a tarakihi at the Auckland Seafood School.  For more information on filleting fish come along to one of John’s Filleting and Smoking classes every second month on a Saturday at the School.